Saturday, November 15, 2008


I could tell something was on fire yesterday morning. The faint orange of the sunlight tipped me off. It was in Santa Barbara then, way north of Los Angles.
Now there's a bunch of fires in Southern California.
They're far from my place (or my parent's place), but direct sunlight is amber. The wall above is a cool white on a normal day.
I hear fire is threatening Anaheim Hills. I lived there as a teen. One summer a wildfire took out blocks of houses and got close to mine. It was up against the wilderness would be the first on the block to go if said wilderness burned. My family sold the house over twenty years ago. Still, I wonder if it will be lucky this time?


Sally said...

So worried about the fires.

About blogs-- I'm noticing that unless I refresh anyone's blog, the new post isn't shown. I wonder why.

I should have posted this elsewhere, but just as a quick bit of advice about cartoons. It's always smart to start with a small project, the boost to your confidence upon completion is so great-- it's so important that you finish it-- I've meant to write you this for a while.

ps she looks like a very distant cousin of anita, with a mousetrap mouth.

Linda said...

Namo, your photos are so telling. Terrifying.

Namowal said...

Hi Sally,
Thanks for the tip. I agree that a small project is a good idea. Something long and complex seems to intimidating.
Maybe Anita's distant wooden cousin is, in fact, a decoy?
Hi Linda,
I'm lucky to live far from the danger areas. Reporting from my parent's place in Redondo Beach now. It's at least twenty or thirty miles from any fire, but you can see and smell the smoke, and everything's lightly sprinkled with ashes.