Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I Voted

This picture would have been more complete if I didn't have to park in the next time zone to cast my vote. Shesh. I spent half my morning finding a spot and walking to the poling place.
I took my camera, snapping textures and reference images.
Of course, most people don't take snapshots of walls, cracked asphalt and the underside of Interstate 10.
I wonder anyone noticed.
They'd think What's that lunatic doing? People like that really should be locked up... ...she's wearing an "I voted" sticker!? We're doomed.

p.s. I'll add a completed picture when I get more time.


Linda said...

ALL RIGHT NAMO!!! It was worth it!!! Thanks for parking and voting.

stray g said...

way to go!

Namowal said...

Thanks, Linda and stray g.

booda baby said...

Oh, I'm really glad you braved the bad parking situation and got yourself voted. Aren't we happy we were the deciding state!?!?!?! (Usually, everything's already wrapped up.)

Namowal said...

Hi Boodababy,
I'm glad to help California pull through.
Then again, I'm not happy Prop 8 (gay marriage ban) passed. No fair.