Saturday, April 12, 2008

My New Watch

I normally don't sink big bucks for wristwatches, but I couldn't resist this beauty:

The pic is from the website (easier to read), but I'm wearing one as we speak.
I'm more apt to take risks, try new things and have a good time if I remember that I'm temporary. And who knows how long "temporary" is. Weird stuff happens!
When the Reaper rolls in, I don't want to be the chump who thinks Geez, I should have done X, said Y, tried Z etc... It's like I've spent my life at an amusement park and never got on the rides. Whoops!
Interesting tidbit:
I was admiring my "you will die" watch when I caught this add from Alaska Airlines:

Hopefully this isn't prophetic.
If a piano drops on me today, you can't say I wasn't warned.


Linda said...

Love this: "The dial and rim of the glass on the Accurate is mirrored, so that the wearer is reflected in the watch face (so that there is no ambiguity about who the message is aimed at)."

But Namowal!! This is too good: Did you see the 2 watches below yours? There's an "I am blessed" watch, especially for Sally C, and a "Decider" watch for Stray. (You might need to know Stray better.)

l. said...

This is in red on the site that sells your watch:

"Sold out due to overwhelming demand!"

Namowal said...

Yes, I saw those other watches too. I think the "I am blessed" watch may actually change messages depending on what time it is, which I suspect Sally would get a kick out of.
The watch is indeed sold out at the moment. It's a a hit. (I ordered mine in March, before it gained internet notoriety.)

straying all over the place said...

omg I love the Decider! But I love the Accurate, too. (but which one to get? I don't know without the Decider... I must have both!) I am very conscious now that we might just have about 5 minutes left. After spending a year and a half visiting the nursing home, I think of what a friend advised: "Anything you want to do: do it now and do it twice!" Unfortunately I have always been impatient, so this has just ratcheted up the urgency level a few notches. Wise Gandhi said: "Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever." It's tricky.

sg said...

I might need the Accurate to actually tell time while I'm waiting for the battery to run out on the Decider....

Namowal said...

"Anything you want to do: do it now and do it twice!" - I like that. Good advice (unless it applies to "I want to eat a donut" ;)
Funny comment about using the Accurate while waiting for the decider to run down, too.

Sally said...

oh geez, if I had this watch I'd bury it in the back yard.

Namowal said...

Hi Sally,
My watch gets a binary reaction- people either love it or find itdepressing. A matter of taste (and I never said mine was good.) For me it's already influenced decisions I've made. Not claiming miracles here, but for me it's a good prod to be more fearless and have more fun. (Hope I don't sound like a preachy know-it-all here.)

stray g said...

As someone who's always been afraid of everything (Linda will attest to this), I finally appreciate that life is short and I might as well go ahead and try things while I can.

Namowal said...

stray g,
You said it! :)