Saturday, April 26, 2008

Flying Pig!

It's the flying pig! Stray g. gave me the kit (thanks, Stay g!) and I put him together.
He's 100% paper, yet he's an automaton. Turn the crank at his base and not only do his wings flap, but his legs move and he rolls like a carousel horse!
Now he guards my workstation, inviting me (and others) to take him for a spin.


stray g said...

Great photo! Glad it's fun for everyone.

Jesse said...

Flying pig, flying pig..
Does.. whatever a flying pig does

Namowal said...

Stray g,
The paper porcine is a charmer.
A spider pig has possibilities. An extra six feet per head. And extra ham if they're hind legs.

Linda said...

This is funnny! I wanted that prize, I've decided. I'll trade you for the stickers! I don't mean to be giving you a worse headache. It's just my nature to want what the other has. I'll keep the stickers.

Namowal said...

Heh heh, Linda! :)

Eamon said...

What a great little gadget of a flying pig ..