Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The Fortune Teller.

Guest blogger- Pico
I should have never gone to that party.  The food was stale  It smelled of mildew and dragonclaw glue..  The music kept breaking, and there was this weird lumpy thing floating in the punch bowl.
And there was a fortune teller.

Madama Farfalla was the fakest thing I ever saw.  Her head feathers were fake, her eyelashes false. The heart-shaped beauty mark   had come loose and hung like a shingle from her cheek.  But everyone else was at the party was lined up to get their fortune so I got in line too.
As each guy came up, she'd look them in the eye, than down at her foggy mirror, and give a cornball prediction:
"By this weeks end/ meet a lost friend"
"When spring rain falls/good fortune calls"
"First sunset in May/love comes your way"

Then it was my  turn. She looked at me, than into the mirror,
"On future's track/Your ..."  she stopped as if splashed with water.  Her mouth fell open and her eyes grew large.    It was like she saw the most gruesome, horrific fortune ever.   Something nasty.    She held still, transfixed, perhaps, or frightened  that moving would somehow suck her into the vision.
"What!?" I said.  "What happens?"
No answer.
"On future's track, what?" I said, trying to hide how freaked I was.  "My skull will crack?   A bear attack?  The torture rack?  Machete whack...!?"  My friends behind me cracked up laughing.  They couldn't see her expression.
She looked up at me  as if pulled from a bad day dream.  "On the future you'll get... ...along just great"
 "That's not what you saw!" I said.
"Get away from my mirror," she said, as if my presence was contaminating it.  "Other people are waiting."
"What did you see?"
"You'll be just incredibly fine and good" she said,   It was the only answer I could get out of her.

Oh boy, what fun's in store for me!.    Except she was fake, right?


stray said...

Scary! Not fair of her not to tell more. She's fake!

Linda said...

Scary very. But I love her colors in the illo.

Namowal said...

Hi Stray,
I think real-life fortune tellers are fake, but in the goose universe, all bets are off.

Thanks, Linda,

Pile Girl said...

Maybe she had a mini-stroke.

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