Wednesday, January 06, 2010


This ramshackle tree house was somewhere on my street, 95 years ago.
I love old photos, especially from areas I'm familiar with.
The only problem is the unanswered questions.  In this case- who built it?   What became of them?  What became of the tree house?   What became of the tree?


Linda said...

Marvelous. MARVELOUS!
Is that a stone bank?
That man is holding a little baby!

walterworld said...

Do you know the exact address? Have you been to the site to see what it looks like today?

I'd love to see a 'now' shot to compare this with :)

Thanks for your always fun posts...

Take care!

Namowal said...

Hi Linda,
I noticed the stone bank and the kid too. I bet the former was more common back then, when they (probably) didn't have storm drains to prevent flooding. I wonder if people considered them more of a necessity than anything else. Would they be surprised that people of the future would think they were cool to look at?
Hi Walterworld,
I wish I knew the exact address! I was searching the internet for old photos of my neighborhood and this was about as close as I could get.
Barrington Ave (my street) is only a few miles long, but it's been highly developed and redeveloped over the years, so everything in this photo is long gone. I'll bet this was near Wilshire or Santa Monica Blvd, as these were the older parts of the neighborhood.

GhostBuild said...

Gosh, I think my neighborhood association committee would have simultaneous stroke/heart-attack/brain aneurisms if I tried that on my property. :-)

Still, what a cool house!

Namowal said...

Hi Ghostbuild,
It might be worth building something like that just for the sake of freaking out the homeowner association committee. Sure, you'll have to take it down, but it'd be worth it to see the looks on their faces. ;D