Saturday, September 19, 2009

Exclusive: Interview with my Cockatiel, Tosca!

Interviewer: Namowal says you're cranky and prone to biting. Is this true?

Tosca: So a bird can't bite someone once in awhile? What's the big deal?

Interviewer: Why do you bite? Does she scare you?

Tosca: Nah. I only bite her when she makes me mad.

Interviewer: She makes you mad?

Tosca: Oh yes. Mostly it's her hands. They're always trying to pat my head or make me perch on them. Who wants to perch on some stupid hand? So I tell her to quit it, and if she doesn't quit, I'll bite.

Interviewer: You talk to her?

Tosca: Sure. I talk to her in CL. Cockatiel Language. If I step back, flash my eyes and open my beak, that means stop that now or I'll bite. Namowal ignores the warning each time. So I show her some beak.

Interviewer: Namowal once had another cockatiel. Tell me about Quasi.

Tosca: I'm glad he's dead! I never liked him. He was a jerk. An ugly jerk with a jacked up lower bill. Always acting tough with me. And he'd totally kiss up to Namowal. He'd let her pet and cuddle him! It was disgraceful.

Interviewer: Is it true you once peeled a price tag off and glued your mouth shut? That Namowal had to take you to the vet to fix things?

Tosca: I suppose you never did anything stupid when you were young?

Interviewer: You realize that Namowal gives you food and water everyday?

Tosca: Big whup. Like I couldn't find food on my own! It's insulting!

Interviewer: Is there anything positive you can say about Namowal?

Tosca: Well, she plays a musical instrument I really like. Real loud and shrieky- I always sing along. A bagpipe like thing, except the air intake is by an internal fan instead a mouthpiece. She plays it by my cage each day. I think it's called "A Hoover".

**Bonus Pic**
Below is the original drawing I uploaded. Something's wrong. It's been fixed in the top picture. Can you spot the difference?


Jonathan said...

Are we supposed to guess the difference between the two pictures??? Cuz' I don't think I'd have a leg to stand on... :)

Namowal said...

What a knee jerk response ;)

p.s. I forgot to add the grain and check the black levels too.

stray said...

guess you've both already answered but:
legs facing backward/forward

Namowal said...

You got it, Stray!
I'm surprised I made that goof, but I did.

Sally said...

wow, good one stray. I looked at this many times and was stumped. And the interview is a crackup!

stray said...

It was impossible to tell when I had to scroll from one to the next, but I dragged on image off so I could look at them side by side; then it was easier.

Namowal said...

Glad you liked the interview, Sally.

I'm terrible at those "spot the difference" puzzles. The only way I can catch them is to toggle between images and see what blinks.

Linda said...

Your story is very funnnny!

RHSteeleOH said...

I came very close to getting a cockatiel once. They are the only larger bird that doesn't scare me in the pet stores. All the other birds look like they could take you down if they really wanted to.

Namowal said...

Hi RHSteeleOH,
You're correct about the bigger birds- they're very capable of seriously injuring someone- but most will settle for a "leave me alone!" nip instead of a full force chomp.
Some bird experts advise against letting parrots perch on your shoulder- as there's a risk that your ear, eye, nose or mouth may get beaked.

Anonymous said...

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