Wednesday, September 02, 2009


If my brain were an automobile, I thoughtit's driving with the parking break on.
I'd looked forward to having a morning off. I'd clean the kitchen! Get projects done! I'd be a productive morning! Yet I felt tired and dull. What was going on?
Then I remembered- I hadn't had any caffeine. Usually I start my day with a Diet Coke and a cup of coffee. No wonder I was so dopey.
I scrounged some coffee from the freezer, plugged in my old Mr. Coffee and hit the glowing red button. The machine clicked and sputtered. Soon the kitchen smelled like a Starbucks and I had a cup of it at my side.
Thank goodness for coffee! I thought, absorbed in my drawing. It's like a switch was thrown. I'm awake! Alive! My brain is a whirring blender of thoughts and ideas! Whoohoo! Better not have too much I'll have trouble holding the pen still...
Then I noticed I hadn't actually drank any.


Linda said...

I wish this phenomenon would work for me (with chips and beer instead of coffee). Set them out, feel satisfied at that.

Namowal said...

Hi Linda,
If I figure out a way to pull this off with junk food and beer, I'll let you know first.
I did have some candles once that were scented like pastries (donuts, cinnamon rolls, cookies etx..) Their scent was almost as fun as the real thing.

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stray said...

I started drinking way too much coffee and have to back off a little....

Namowal said...

Hi Stray,
How much coffee was "way too much" for you? In my 20s and mid 30s I drank it with impunity (including super big gulp-sized cups from 7-11 when I worked night shifts).
Now too much coffee makes me jumpy and keeps me awake at night. Boo!

stray said...

varied over years but lately started 3 cups +, and that's too much. (school and hospital sent me over the edge)