Sunday, June 15, 2008


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I'll sleep in, I thought, when I saw what time it was. I deserve some extra rest.
Big Mistake.
It was one nightmare after another. Monsters. An angry Mastiff with huge teeth. Scary puppets. Moaning alarms. Buzzers. Attack machines. Bugs. Being grabbed, dragged and shaken. I'd wake up terrified, calm down, then drift off into more freakiness. It was ridiculous.
So much for extra rest. I should have gotten up and watched T.V.


Sally said...

But then we wouldn't have gotten to see the nifty illo. Nightmares are awful, though. You probably have those ones where you wake up and instruct yourself that you're not going to dream about that next time, then head right back into monster land?

Namowal said...

You got it, Sally.
Sounds like you've been there too.
Nightmares have something in common with real life frustrations. Annoying, yes, but the do provide material.

stray g said...

I worked on my computer too late and had insomnia....

Linda said...
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Linda said...

I had a dream this morning right before I woke up about going by train to a convention in NY and it taking a lot less time than flying, but it was really a lagoon around LA and they served bagels with cream cheese and I enjoyed EVERY BITE of mine but then realized I had to pay for the bagel and extra for the cream cheese and hadn't realized that--but I realized I had lost my purse somewhere along the way and left the convention to go look for it but it wasn't at the hotel so I came back to the lagoon and ran into my friend Gwen from jr. high and she found it for me.

p.s. Namo, I think the angry mastiff came from Stray's dog paintings--remember the colored ones with teeth?

Namowal said...

Stray g,
Ugg, insomnia can be as frustrating as any nightmare. At least a bad dream gives you pictures and stories.

Sounds just like a dream, you're doing A which is supposed to be B then C happens and suddenly things go wrong (you're stuck, you can't control the car or phone, you can't find something.) Also people and places from the past seem more common than contemporary folks. I wonder why that is?
Did stay g inspire my attack dog? Could be (hope I didn't plagiarize anything she did!)

booda baby said...

Where/on what did you do this picture? It's fantastic!!

Maybe you deserved the rest, but you obviously needed that tv. The kind of tv that you don't actually have to get up for. So, in a weird way, two birds, one stone kinda thing you got going on.

Namowal said...

Thanks, Boodababy.
I found the original texture here
Neglected buildings remind me of nightmares. Creepy, unstable, lonely, yet fascinating.

stray g said...

You didn't plagiarize! I need to finish up that grouping.... this weekend.