Saturday, June 07, 2008

Inner Beauty

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Ever notice that people who won't shut up about "inner beauty"
  1. Don't have outer beauty
  2. Don't have inner beauty either.


Sally said...

hysterical and brilliant observation!

I completely agree.

GhostBuild said...

I am really digging the fast an loose style with which you are experimenting.

Are you using a tablet PC, perchance?

I tried one two weeks ago, working with Alias Sketchbook Pro. I was impressed, though I can't justify buying one just yet. Would take too long to pay off.


Jonathan said...

That's very cute and clever. Is the inverse corollary also true? That those who never speak of "inner beauty," have both inner and outer beauty? Perhaps not. I'm not THAT good looking...

I'm really enjoying your blog. Nice work.

Namowal said...

Thanks, Sally.
I felt a bit guilty creating this post, but that whole "inner beauty" (or any "I'm more sensitive") posturing really annoys me. It brings out my inner ogre.

Thanks Ghostbuild,
Yep. I'm using a tablet P.C. It's my favorite toy.
The fast 'n' loose look comes from a wacko work schedule. Also I've been reading some stuff by Lynda Barry recently. She has a loose, spontaneous style that's probably rubbing off on me.

Namowal said...

Thanks for swinging by, Jonathan,
I don't know if the reverse corollary is true, but I figure anyone who doesn't babble about inner beauty (or any virtue) probably has a leg up over those who do.
Then again, I'm no beauty queen (inside and out,) so maybe I better shut my yap about this... :)

Linda said...

I LOVE your loose, spontaneous style. This conversation about inner beauty reminds me of people who, when you're feeling terrible or at a loss for what to do, suggest that you reach down inside yourself. I hate reaching down inside myself.

stray g said...

I need to go get some inner beauty sleep....

Namowal said...

Hi Linda,
Glad you like my nutball style. It's certainly the most fun to do.
I think the "reaching down inside yourself" can backfire. Not that one should ignore their feelings, but thinking too much about them can magnify them out of proportion. My two cents at least.

Stray g,
heh heh :)

Sally said...

Linda, that's funny, too, because you picture stuffing your own fist down your throat and pulling up the ickiest stuff. This morning I was thinking about the huge effect psycho analysis had on 20th century art, and wondered where it might have gone without Freud.

Namowal said...

I pictured literally reaching inside oneself with the hand too. I almost added the comment "reach inside myself? I'd get gunk on my sleeve!"
Then I pictured finding a kidney and honking it like a bicycle horn.

booda baby said...

I love posts like these, when the comments are as entertaining as the blog.

I myself don't mind so much what people talk about - except when there's no correlation btwn what they say and what they do. Unfortunately, that's a hallmark of the 'inner beauty' gang.

stray g said...

Did you hear David Sedaris on Fresh Air the other day talking about his new book? He said quitting smoking was hard for him even though someone showed him an actual lung damaged from smoking: said he was too worried about what he looked like externally to connect that with his own lung.

But maybe modern art and psychoanalysis happened simultaneously because that's just how human consciousness had evolved? Consider Oscar Wilde: "Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life.

Namowal said...

Boodababy, I know what you mean about people who babble about any virtue they don't actually practice. The "I'm sensitive" person stomps on your toes, the "I'm sophisticated" person is an ignorant slob, the "I'm a gentle soul" person has the temperament of a wolverine, and the "I'm more righteous than you" person is usually up to no good.

Hi Stray G
Funny comment about David Sedaris. You may be on to something with your theory of psychoanalysis and modern art both being by products of our cultural evolution (if I understood correctly.) Interesting idea...