Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fake Smile

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Ever have someone flash a fake smile at you?
The "say cheese" smile where the mouth grins and the rest of the face is frozen?
This freaks me out. Why the fake one? I wonder. Do they dislike me? Are they secretly wishing they could strangle me?


Anonymous said...

such a nice blog.


Linda said...

Berto just flashed you a fake smile!

I think usually when you're flashed a fake smile, it has nothing to do with you. The person flashing it probably doesn't even see you. He's probably just trying to achieve some kind of goal like loanrestructuring. Have a fun weekend, Namo!

stray g said...

I wonder about the fake smile, too. Are they mocking me? Trying to get something from me? Think I'll fall for it? Again, like with the liars, maybe they're so hollow inside they don't know how to have a genuine feeling?

stray g said...

I'm halfway through reading Lynda Barry's "What It Is." Is it inspiring your recent posts?

Namowal said...

Good one, Linda!
Bertobot picked the wrong post to pitch his scheme. Or maybe the perfect one, as like you said the fake smiler if more occupied with his goal than anything personal.
Hope your weekend is good too.

Hi Stray g,
Yes, What It Is has influenced my last ten or so posts, both the pictures and the writing.
How are you liking the book? I love it.

Sally said...

Linda, nice one. Fake smiles don't bother me, either. I feel like they're seeing beyond me, exactly, minds elsewhere, on a plane above the lowly worm.

Namowal said...

In a way I bet they are seeing beyond us. Maybe a scheme, but more likely visualizing, say, the dry cleaning they need to pick up, the movie they want to see, or how much fun they'll have on their next vacation.

stray g said...

I love "What It Is," also! It's beautiful to look at as well as inspiring. I wonder how she made it, how she found all those wonderful collaged bits of writing. I find it very inspiring and moving. I'd like to get her here to do a workshop.