Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Roach Motel

Overtime city.
Toastmaster meeting for lunch.
Time to break out older work so the blog doesn't go stale.
This tribute to 1950s signage is part of an insect-themed chess set. It's the castle (get it? get it?) I created it in Second Life* a few years ago.
A picture of the entire set can be seen here.
I also made the (mostly hidden) gazebo, plus some of the plants in the background. I made the shrubs free to copy. Now they're all over the place.

*I'm Olympia Rebus in that world.


Linda said...


p.s. Could I learn to talk if I went to Toastmasters?

Namowal said...

Glad ya liked it, Linda.

The Toastmasters I attend is an unofficial one, but it follows similar guidelines (perhaps a it more informal). I think it helps improve public speaking- or at the very least, it makes it less scary.

sal said...

curious about the toastmasters
is it fun?
love the roach motel castle

sal2 said...

would love to have a chess set like this!

Sally said...

Those are nice looking chess pieces. I'm still bewildered by Second Life.

booda baby said...

Sweeeet! I love a clever castle and they hardly ever get clever. er. Nice chess set!

I'm with Sally. Or not with Sally. I know nothing of Second Life, not where to get one or why to get one - not ANYTHING. But the chess set's still realllly cool.

Namowal said...

I think Toastmasters is fun. The group I go to isn't official, so it's probably more informal than the real deal. My favorite part is what's known as table topics, where volunteers have to give a 2 minute speech about any topic thrown at them. When I'm in charge of it I get silly, for example, asking the guy/gal to improvise a speech on why Green Eggs and Ham is subversive and should be banned.
Second Life is a strange place. I don't understand much of of the more social aspects myself. For example, I have no desire to "date" fellow members in any capacity. I stick to building and texturing things. It's like a giant, walk through toy set.
Here's the Second Life home page, if you're curious:
When I joined in '04 that world was new and small, so many of us knew each other and the local landmarks. Now it's huge and has a zillion members.

Jesse said...

I havn't (sic) abandoned Second Life, and I'll definatly (sic) be back! :)

Glances up at calandar.

Oops? :)

Namowal said...

Hi Jesse,
It's true I've been away for awhile, but my stuff should still be there. The three things keeping me out are

1. Super busy with work
2. My new computer crashes when I log on to S.L.
3. Each time I log in I'm bombarded IMs from strangers asking for free stuff.

Still, I'll return someday. Definitely (and defiantly!)

Jesse said...

Yeah, reason I never go up in any more is because no matter how fast my computer gets (I have a 2.7Ghz P4 + Radeon 9800 and also a 1.6Ghz core 2 duo + Nvidia Gforce 8600M GT) and no matter how good my bandwidth is (8mbit down, 1 up) or how low the ping times to linden servers are (70ms is the worst I get now days) I can still sit alone on an empty sim and wait half an hour just for enough textures to load so that I know where I am.

But we all got our reasons! :)

Jesse said...

Hey Olympia, I've re-engaged with Second Life as you can see here.

You should come on some time, brave the torrent of crap IMs, dust off the mic, and come voice chat with Happ MacDonald and all his friends. :)