Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hit the Road, Jack

Another quick sketch based on a song.
"Hit the Road, Jack," by Ray Charles (and an uncredited female who tells him to hit the road).
The song goes by quick, so I cheated by throwing in a few details after the song ended, so it's a four-five minute work instead of a three minute one.


Jesse said...

You are possessed of classical, and quite effective expression and staging technique.

Although with a title like "Hit the road, jack" I'm certain an amount of pre-conception is involved. :)

I'm curious if you have tried this with a song you've honestly never heard before, perhaps extra credit for not first knowing the title?

Or if that's challenging to set up, I guess just engaging whatever comes next on the radio without premeditation.

It's an interesting experiment and I'ma try it soon too I thinks. :)

I'm lost in love, and I don't know much..

stray g said...

I'm loving that attitude! And it's a great song. Love the loose drawing, the combination of line and wash. Beautiful.

sal said...

There's something about an old song like that that we all know by heart; it's part of the universal unconscious. It would be fun to play name that tune just looking at the art made from it!

Jesse said...

That's a great idea!
I'm going to try that when I complete this experiment:
A> do the next song that comes on the radio, don't know the title beforehand
B> My goal is not only capturing the mood, but like sharades I've got to help onlookers guess which song I drew. :)

Namowal said...

"lost in love and I don't know much," is beyond "The Scream." It's "The Scream" painted on velvet by Thomas Kinkcade.
Actually I did try this on a song I've never heard before- some mid century jazz instumental called "Skoobeedoobee" The result was lackluster so I didn't post it.
Thanks, stray g,
I considered playing "name that tune" with this one, perhaps dropping a few hints (or as Jesse suggested, adding a few hints in the picture).

Jesse said...

Ok, I took a stab at it.
Lemme know what you think. :)

booda baby said...

Sweet illustration for one of those favorite songs. (you know, not REALLY a favorite, just a great tune when you hear it.) How are you choosing your songs?

Namowal said...

Thanks, Boodababy,
I pick the songs by listening to a semi-custom internet radio station. (It's cool because it lets you ban songs you don't like!) All three songs happened to come on the radio when I had my pen ready.

Jesse said...

I like me some Pandora :)