Friday, January 11, 2008

Silly Walks

The animation books insist that walk cycles are important, so I've been practicing. Mostly learning what not to do. I gave the first two characters strange walks on purpose. I was trying to see how goofy I could make them.


linda said...

I see myself in the first one (with buck teeth). I love seeing you learn this program. My 2 cents: I think you could make the walks MUCH goofier! I want you to make one called "Walkin & Talkin."

Sally said...

These are exquisite. I love how you, and Linda, too, immediately found your own style of movement that matched your drawing style.

So often when people get going in Flash they learn the Flash look right away and the rest is the internet.

It is really hard to draw eccentric walks and have them look like walks-- it's weird because you're only dealing with 4-16 drawings in a walk, but the eye is so trained to what a walk looks like, I guess, that it doesn't accept a lot of things (that I've drawn at least.) Often they end up looking spazzy but not goofy. So this is quite an achievement.

Also I love your use of colored lines and the shadows in this example. You are just amazing us!

Namowal said...

Thanks Linda. :)
The next one is a talkie (but not a walkie), but I'll be sure to do more goofy walks in the future.
Thanks Sally,
I think you're right about the eye being fussy about what constitutes a walk. An animation book I have said if I made the contacts (where both feet touch the ground) normal that I could get away with a lot of craziness on the other frames.
Thanks again to both of you for your kind comments.