Sunday, January 06, 2008

Cat Walk Test

Here's another forward walk. I think it's better than the penguin.


Sally said...

Yes, it's much better. You feel the weight on each step. You're doing such a great job figuring out animation! Did you ever see Preston Blair's basic book on animation? At one time it only cost $1.00 at art stores, but I think it's hardcover now. Here's a ebay link.

This book is a really solid reference for movement. I need to look at mine again.

Namowal said...

Oh yes, I have a paperback book that combines at least two of the Preston Blair books (Animation and How to Animate Film Cartoons) One of the reasons the forward walk works better is I used one of his walk cycles as a reference.
Right now I have the book open to the dialog reference- I'm trying to make something talk...!

walterworld said...

Yeah...that cat's got attitude in his step!

Looks good---

Sally said...

beware with the mouth animation though- people tend to open their mouths less than in days gone by, and sometimes with dialog animation less is more.

Linda said...

Namowal, I cannot WAIT to hear something talk. Do it now! (Sally, thanks for the mouth animation advice ... these clues are really helpful to me, too.)

Namowal said...

Thanks, Linda, Walterworld and Sally.
The new one should be up now. (Hope I didn't overdo the mouth movements!)