Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Flash Frog Fling.

I tried to learn the Highland Fling once. I learned some steps, but I have the coordination of a tranquilized moose and couldn't do it.
It's easier to make flash characters dance. I used the same timing I used in the jump post. Before I tried this I'd always thought of dances as steps ("point,behind,front, behind etc..), when in fact the whole body is active.
The resulting dance is way too oversimplified to be a Highland Fling (the timing is different too), thus the new name.


Linda said...

"the coordination of a tranquilized moose"––HA!

"It's easier to make flash characters dance." I agree with you there. And I'm very slow at Flash, if that tells you anything about my dancing ability.

(I love to dance, but if you saw me, you would say the same thing Roz's daughter said to her: "Stop! You're hurting me!")

Gosh, you really have some kind of style going there with those crazy revolving platforms. Your blog has a whole new feel. (Do you think so?) Kind of Dr. Seuss-ish.

Sally said...

I've been thinking Dr. Seuss too, that the movements are the way Dr. Seuss cartoons should have moved, but never did. I'm a huge fan of his.

Namowal said...

Thanks for the Dr. Suess comparison, Linda. I loved the way he threw in creative details- crazy creatures, wacky machines and vehicles, bizarro buildings and landscapes and so on. I like Sally's work for the same reason.
Interesting point about the Dr. Suess animations, Sally. The only one I remember is the Grinch. While it's a delightful cartoon, it's far more Chuck Jones-esque than Seuss-ish.