Friday, January 12, 2007

How was Rehab? (the stroke, part 12)

I'm back at home, back at work.
Most people didn't know what happened- how my mom was hospitalized for a stroke, recovered in a rehab hospital (where I sometimes stayed over to keep her company), and how until recently it took both my dad and I to keep her out of trouble.
Most co-workers don't know what happened. I kept my mouth shut except for a few friends. The two or three who did know asked me for updates.
"Hey Namowal!" one guy said. "How was rehab?"
I almost replied "How'd you find out about that?" until it hit me that he was kidding around, as if I'd returned from drug rehab. Had I said that, I'd have "admitted" to cooling my heels in a dry out clink. In front of a bunch of coworkers. That would have been... awkward.

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