Monday, July 18, 2011

"I Liked Goldfinches Better When They're South for the Winter"

Guest Blogger: Cheeps,  Purple Finch
I don't hate Goldfinches, but, to be honest, I like them better when they're south for the winter.  Each spring they fly into town like a bunch of damned locusts.  They act like they own the place.  They perch on our trees and eat at our bird feeders.  Can't they find their own bird feeders?    And aren't there any trees in Florida or wherever the hell they came from?
And then they have to go shove their Goldfinchyness down my throat.  They just have to flash those gold feathers and make their weird goldfinch sounds.  Hello?  This is California.  We speak Purple Finch here.
What really frosts me is how I have to explain to my own fledglings about them, like why we suddenly have to share the birdbath  with a completely different kind of bird.  What if my kids grow up thinking it's okay to be a Goldfinch?  That's we're we're heading.
 Maybe some of us should take a stand.


Linda Davick said...

This is very funny writing.

Namowal said...

Thanks, Linda.
I think I channeled every paranoid and cranky internet comment I've ever read for Cheeps.

RHSteeleOH said...

Talk about Angry Birds!

Pile Girl said...

I love your bird guest bloggers. Especially the illustrations.
Unfortunately, I have known people who sound like this.

Namowal said...

Heh heh.

Pile Girl,
I've met people who sound like this too. They annoy me, but at least they provide material.

Bird of Paradise said...

A purple finch is very bad mood it loks like probibly has has to file a entire flight plan with the FAA

Namowal said...

Bird of Paradise,
Yes, that Purple Finch is in a rotten mood. I'm sure he'd give the FAA a hard time if he could. :)

Love Kpop said...

But I have not had much time to prepare the repertoire, dance and costumes as you for the finals.