Thursday, March 17, 2011

What DID You Just Bite?

There's nothing like eating food you really like.     
 There's also nothing  like chomping down on something that  doesn't belong in food you really like.  The spell is broken!
  What did you just bite?

And what else might your meal be mined with?    So many possibilities:


Linda said...

"BODILY HUMORS??" I love it!!!
The mouse bone fragments are sweet, too.

Great expression/color ... and "The spell is broken"---so true when this happens, so true.

Namowal said...

Thanks, Linda,
I almost left "bodily humors" out because it was gross. Then I figured it was euphemistic enough to be funny.

Mike Healy said...

Great illos and facial expressions. Kids are brutally honest with this type of thing, aren't they? We tried feeding my baby son some jarred chicken-and-broth, and you'd think he was being fed the contents of his own diaper by the faces he made.

I like the "mystery bowl"...I'll bet that he consists of *all* the "mystery items" listed above. He's just waiting for someone to take a bite!

Pale Girl said...

I'm totally with you on this one. Once I munch into something weird, I'm done.

I've stopped eating loads of things because of random crunchiness.

Pile Girl said...

As always, I LOVE your blog. Especially the bodily humors.

Namowal said...

Mike Healy,
I've seen kids make the face you mentioned. Usually a mixture of disgust and rage, as if You think you're putting that in my mouth? What kind of sick weirdo are you!?

Pale Girl,
Nothing like a mystery crunch to put you off something. In the past I'd sometimes write a letter to the manufacturer and usually got some free coupons in return. Then I realized it was rather pointless to get coupons for something I didn't want to eat anymore.

Pile Girl,
Thanks! That puts me in a sanguine mood. :)

Sally said...

Funny. Last night in the Houston airport at a sit-down restaurant the chips/salsa were flavored strongly with Ivory Soap. Not a good combo. But the appealing waiter told me it was his second day on the job. I didn't need those chips.

Namowal said...

Ivory Salsa?
I wonder if they could argue that their contaminant was, in fact "99 & 44/100% Pure"

GhostBuild said...

Gads.... that experience is the WORST. I can totally relate to this, Namowal!

"What, what the hell is that... sand?!?"

And then I freak out because my tongue is searching for whatever the hell it is so that I can spit it into napkin.... AND I CAN'T FIND IT! UGH!

Namowal said...

You said it better than I did! Ha! :)