Sunday, March 06, 2011

Nightmare at 45 R.P.M.

I dreamed of 45 records on needle-like stems.
Each one, when stepped upon, played.

Musical horror commenced:
Then came writhing tape to drag me away
To Cassette and 8-track Hell:
Where played the worst song of them all.


Pile Girl said...

The first picture is my absolute favorite!

Danger Boy said...

Boogie shoes always makes me wanna skeet shoot with whatever radio is playing it.

Linda said...

These illos are so hilarious!

... And the songs are so terrible. Except for Penny Lane, of course.

Namowal said...

Pile Girl,
Thanks. Even with some copy 'n' paste cheating, it took me forever to get the all those records in place.

Danger Boy,
Ha! You're funny!

Thanks you.
I like "Penny Lane" and "Just a Gigolo", but the others drive me up the wall.

Sally C said...

Such a fantastic series of illustrations!

Namowal said...

Thanks, Sally C.
I'm flattered!

Uniblogger said...

What's an 8-track?

Namowal said...

"What's an 8 track?"
Wise guy.

Come to think of it, I drew the 8-track picture on a visit to Redondo Beach, a few feet away from an existing 8 track player.
(If you don't believe me, lift the lid on your stereo and peer inside...)

stray said...

This is really a lot of fun! [and scary (songs)]

Namowal said...

Thanks, stray.

(Sorry if any of the songs get stuck in your head.)

walterworld said...

Hate to admit it, but I listened to a few of those songs TODAY!!!

I have a 70's playlist on my iPod which contains the entire contents of a Time-Life compilation I picked up in the 90's... Shuffled today and what did I hear?

Afternoon Delight
The Night Chicago Died
Pina Colada Song

Plus some Boz Skaggs, Dire Straits, etc.

Those songs remind me of being about 6 or 7 which were good times for me!!!

Loved the cartoon as always :)

Take care!

Namowal said...

That's funny that those three popped up. Especially "The Night Chicago Died," which is one of those Oldies-You-almost-Never-Hear-Anymore.
Like you, I was a kid when these songs were popular. As far as I was concerned, "Afternoon Delight" was about goodies from the ice cream truck!

I'm guessing the Boz Skaggs song was "Lowdown" and the Dire Straits was "Sultans of Swing?"

Anonymous said...

Call it "K-Tel Hell"!

I think the absolute worst is "Playground In My Mind" by Clint Holmes, with the nauseating choruses sung by young kids.

Namowal said...

"K-Tel Hell" - you nailed it. I still remember those television commercials where they'd play snippets of those damned songs over and over.
I'd forgotten about "Playground my mind" and made the mistake of looking for it on You-Tube. "Michael" with his stupid nickel are going to be tormenting me all day.

There seems to be a rule that any song with a singing chorus is annoying: "High Hopes," and "Sing, Sing a Song" comes to mind.

Namowal said...

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