Monday, July 12, 2010

Koala Chicken

Here's something I did for an acquaintance who needed a picture of a "Koala Chicken" and didn't have one handy.
The double thumb isn't a mistake- koalas really do have two on each hand!
I drew and colored this in ArtRage.  I wasn't too familiar with the brush I used to color it, so it turned out a bit flatter than what I had in mind.


Linda said...

It strikes me as strange that your acquaintance didn't have a picture of a Koala Chicken handy. I always make sure to keep several nearby.

Pile Girl said...

I'm curious as to WHY she needed a picture of a koala chicken.

Namowal said...

If you've drawn a Koala chicken, I'd like to see it.

Pile Girl,
He has a friend who thinks "Koala Chicken" would make a good cartoon character, so as a joke he wanted to show him a picture of one.