Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bad Dreams

What's up with these nightmares?  My life is easy.  I've never been traumatized.  Never done mind altering drugs.  Yet  every night, when the dreams roll in, they're bad.  
This week I was chased by  a swarm of batlike things.  Batbugs or Mothbats.  There was a switch in the room to turn them off but I couldn't find it because they were biting my arms, shoulders ears and cheeks.
Then I found myself wandering up a sidewalk, after dark.  Rain fell.  I could taste the drops.  Gloomy jazz music played and a narrator chimed in "abandoned by her friends and family, she was never seen alive again.  Her savagely beaten and strangled body was found in a ditch..."
Where does this stuff come from?
The next night I dreamed that I hadn't slept for three days. Then I looked out the window and saw flames and smoke topping a nearby hill. I went outside and discovered distant flames in each direction, miles away but getting closer.
Stupid fire season! I thought.It gets worse every year!
I tried to comfort myself that I'd "only" die from smoke inhalation before the flames reached me.  Then I figured a blaze this big was  hot enough to roast me from a distance, the way a campfire gloop-afies a marshmallow without touching it.  Was I doomed?
Wait!  There was a way out, to the southeast.   I scampered up  the road to safety.
A fifty foot plume of flire rose ahead of me, blocking my escape.
"Someone's doing this on purpose!" I yelled.

Crazy dreams!


Pile Girl said...

Isn't it crazy what our subconscious comes up with? And your illustrations are superb.
I keep dreaming about working in a store. Running a cash register, helping customers...not exactly my "dream job"!

Namowal said...

Pile Girl,
Have you worked at a cash register in the past? There seems to be a time delay in my more realistic dreams. I find myself in places (and with people) I haven't seen in years. Yet I'm rarely at work or home (the one I moved into four years ago).

Linda said...

Those illustrations are magnificent.

I hate it that you're having those horrible dreams though. I hope they stop.

Pile Girl said...

You're right. I started as a showcard sign painter at a drug store chain. Everyone admired my talent and I felt special. Towards the end, they no longer used hand-painted signs. I tried, but I couldn't find another job. I did freelance a little, but not enough to quit my day job. I was reduced to being a cashier. I hated it, but I resolved to be the best cashier they had.

Mike Healy said...

Great illustrations!
The narrator aspect of a dream has got to be pretty terrifying and just downright bizarre, especially when telling of your fate like that!

booda baby said...

I am chiming in, it looks like, but not really, because I didn't know for CERTAIN that this is what everyone else would say: Amazing and excellent illustrations! What medium are you using?

(I can't go backwards and keep on writing at the same time, but ... do you have 'illustrator' in your 'all about me, me, ME!!' section? It would be a very nice addition, is what I'm saying.)

And I had the wildest, weird dream last night - particularly wild/weird because I rarely remember having any. So, what do you think? Conspiracy in action?

Namowal said...

Thanks, Linda,
The last few nights have been more normal!

Hi Pile girl,
How frustrating that your cool job got phased out! Not fair at all.

The narrator part was probably the creepiest. I was already in a bad mood and suddenly I'm in a sordid "E! True Hollywood Story" episode.
Still, that's better than being in most reality shows.

Thanks, Boodababy.
I'm using a software called ArtRage Studio Pro. I like it because it has better drafting tools than Painter. It's a bit more user friendly too.