Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Goose, The Monster and the Secret of Life

(By Guest Blogger Ganderdalf the Goose wizard )
Creatures from the 1313th Dimension are extremely intelligent and wise, but a lot of folks don't notice.  The Creatures look like monsters.   They get screamed at.  Or shot at.  No wonder they rarely come our way.
I met one once, briefly, at the Port of Pikooby.
I introduced myself and asked if he'd be kind enough to tell mere goose (me) the Secret of Life.  This way he (or she, or it) would  know I  accepted him as a fellow, if not superior creature.  And I wanted his wisdom!  Two minutes of his advice could be the equivalent of years of study.
I couldn't believe he agreed to tell me!  I looked up in amazement as he floated like a jellyfish, turning different colors and looking at me with his green eyes.  They were the size of grapefruits and stacked on a stalk rising from his head.  His tentacles waved like silk banners in a breeze.     His voice was strange too.  Sounded like he was underwater.  When he chuckled, red and orange sparks rose from his three nostrils.
Then his shuttle came and he was gone.  I stood there, marveling at what had just happened.   A Creature from the 1313 Dimension had just told me the Secret of Life!  And the secret was... ...well what had he said anyway?   I couldn't remember the details.  His alien-ess had completely distracted me.
And that's how I didn't learn the Secret of Life.


Linda said...

How could you do this to us. Make him come back! I want to know the secret of life.

That creature looks fantastic. And I love the red and orange sparks that rise from his nostrils when he laughs.

Namowal said...

Thanks Linda,
I have it on good authority that the Creature noticed Ganderdalf wasn't paying attention and told him a knock-knock joke instead. ;)

booda baby said...

THAT was deLICIOUS! What a good storyteller and picture painter Ganderdalf the Goose is.

Namowal said...

Thanks, Boodababy.
I'll pass it on to Ganderdalf ;)

stray said...

Wait, you meant the secret of life isn't a knock-knock joke?

Namowal said...

Hi Stray,
I'm sure it's some kind of joke!

Pile Girl said...

Darn it! Stuff like that never happens to me!


Namowal said...

Thanks, Pile Girl!