Friday, February 19, 2010

Clifton's Cafeteria Part II: The Teapot.

 Old photos and memorabilia are can be found throughout Clifton's Cafeteria. This teapot, (in glass case on the third floor)  has a story to tell (Click for a larger image):


Linda said...

That would be funny if they called the police and had Virginia incarcerated.
Why is that little square of paper missing out of the bottom left?

Namowal said...

Well, I suppose that would make an interesting episode of "Cops!"
As for stolen kitchen goods, did I ever tell you that, when I was little, I thought TWA was also in the cutlery business? After all, that was the logo on our forks and knives!
I'm not sure why the bottom corner was clipped away. Maybe there was a phone number or address label that Clifton's wanted to hide (so Virginia wouldn't be hassled by cranks?)