Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tiny Tim's Tongue

I can't act, but that didn't keep me out of a community theater adaptation of A Christmas Carol once. I'd volunteered to be an extra, but got a small speaking part when someone else backed out at the last minute.
The kid who played Tiny Tim could act, and was cute. He was also a brat. The best part of rehearsal was his death scene. If you remember the story, the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come shows Scrooge a bleak future, where innocent little Tiny Tim has died. The family gathers around his body. His father sobs "My poor little, little Tiny Tim!"
And poor, little , little Tiny Tim would stick his tongue out. Everyone cracked up laughing. His mom shouted for him to knock it off. Yet each time they practiced the scene, out came the tongue.
I'm not sure how they got him to play the scene straight in front of the audience. Maybe they chloroformed him.


Linda said...

I like this particular poor, little, little Tiny Tim.

(Love the red in the illustration, too.)

stray said...


Namowal said...

Thanks, Linda.
Interesting you liked the red. Sometimes I play with different colors for characters, but my intuition told me that Tiny Tim had to be red.

Hi Stray,
Poor little, little Tiny Tim's antics forever primed our brains to think that scene was funny. Everyone backstage was silently giggling- or bitting our lips to keep from laughing out loud- when his big scene came!

Sally said...

wonder where he is now.

Namowal said...

Good question, Sally.
Wherever he is, he's old enough to vote now.

Danielle Pluzsik said...

"Wherever he is, he's old enough to vote now."
That just gave me a good laugh. Merry Christmas, Namowal!