Saturday, December 19, 2009

Magic Wandees

Here Ganderdalf's wizard nephew tells about a cool party favor.
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Mean Jean said...

Oh but bat butt guy IS funny!

Namowal said...

He'll be a hit at the frat house.

stray said...

I like the caption style and story -- lovely!

Namowal said...

Thanks Stray,
I probably got the caption storytelling idea from from Lynda Barry's work. She once said her comics were about 15%-25% autobiographical.
My Magic Wandee story is at the 5% mark- who doesn't remember playing with something that's now prohibited thanks to reckless (or stupid) kids?
Who doesn't remember being told "That's not funny!" as a child, because you snickered at the story of some kid who got hurt because he did something unbelievably foolish?

Linda said...

This is a wonderful story and very beautiful, too. I hope you expand on it because I want to see more of this magical world.

p.s. I think the font you've chosen works so well.

RHSteeleOH said...

That was great!

GhostBuild said...
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GhostBuild said...

I hope you continue this series, I'm liking it!

I vacillated on posting this... forgive me for being the editor-geek, I think there's a word missing (used to have) in the first caption. *ducks*

Namowal said...

Thanks, Linda, RHSteele0H
I'd wanted a hand written typeface, but the ones I had were too hard to read (and I was too snobby to use Comic Sans). So I picked this one.
The picture that drove me craziest was the house turning into butterflies. The concept sounded funny- but when I had to draw it. I ended up making a special image "hose" (Painter 8) that left streaks of butterflies.

Thanks, Ghostbuild.