Thursday, July 30, 2009

Soap Operas

I don't get these at all.
When I was little I figured it was one of those mysteries I'd understand once I was older.
I'm older.
I still don't understand their appeal.
They all look alike. Semi-glamorous setting, high end clothing, coiffed hair, and not much else. I feel like a space alien watching another species when I look at one:

If I were a space alien, here's the notes I would take:

Person X says something to person Y. Person Z says something. Closeup on person X. Ajax commercial.
Heck if I know. I can't figure these people out. That being said, I can safely conclude that Ajax is tough on grease.


Sally said...

But watch closely cause even soaps are an endangered format

RHSteeleOH said...

I watched a soap opera one summer and got hooked on a particular story line. That was a very long time ago.

Linda said...

Love your analysis.

Namowal said...

I'd heard newspapers were endangered, but soaps? Are they being replaced by reality shows?

Hi RHSteele0H,
The closest I came to being hooked on a soap opera was in the early eighties. I happened to catch a glimpse of a scene where the heroine gave a teenage girl a ride. The girl tried to steal from her purse and the car crashed. I forget who died, who survived, or who was in a coma, but I tuned in for a few days hoping justice would be done. But the soap just rambled on like a plotless dream so I gave up.

Hi Linda,

Anonymous said...

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