Thursday, May 21, 2009

Steamboat Willie (Uncut Version)

The synchronized sound track (added after the animation,) of "Steamboat Willie" made Mickey Mouse a star.
You've probably seen it before, but have you seen all it? The version usually shown is a half minute shorter than the original. Gags involving udders and some animal abuse were removed, probably to comply with the family friendly image Disney acquired.
Even the censored version has Mickey Mouse doing mean things like swinging a cat by his tail and letting it fly into the wall. Later a parrot laughs at him ("Hope ya don't feel hurt big boy! Ha ha ha ha ha!"*) so what does Micky do? He knocks it overboard with a potato. Listen carefully and you can hear the parrot drowning as Micky repeats the "ha ha ha ha ha!" laugh.
Who Mickey was such a bastard?

*That's Walt Disney himself doing the parrot's voice. Mickey's too.


GhostBuild said...


Wow, you think you know a guy...


I still remember when Disney played this on infinite loop in Florida's Magic Kingdom, just off Main Street. Even in the 80's I think they had this segment cut short.

In a way I'm reminded of older Warner Bros cartoons that have since been so heavily censored - moments like watching Yosemite Sam shoot someone in the face point blank with a revolver.

Namowal said...

Hi Ghost.
Disneyland has (or had) this cartoon playing on Main Street too, but like you said, it was the shortened version.

Your mention of Warner Brothers reminds me of (the often censored) "Rabbit Seasoning,". That's the one where Daffy Duck plots to have Elmer shoot Bugs, only to get blasted himself. I love that cartoon.