Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cirque du Squirreleil

Lawyer Squirrel has hung up his practice. He's Acrobat Squirrel now.
It all started when I put a rat baffle on my bird feeder pole. I knew it wouldn't stop squirrels.
Sure enough, within a day one of them was able to reach the feeders from above, with a daredevil leap from the roof. I don't know why they go the trouble, since they have their own feeder a few feet off the ground. Maybe they like a challenge.


Sally said...

Squirrels are cool, and in our neighborhood crows are back after the West Nile virus took out so many.

Linda said...


stray said...

I read this first as "bat raffle."

walterworld said...

Good to see that Laywer Squirrel has changed occupations!

You've got quite a zoo around your yard...looks like fun!