Monday, April 27, 2009

I Go See the Cracks Again: Part Two

We shook hands.
"You really showed up," I said. "Part of me didn't expect anyone to drive out of the way to show a cartoon to a stranger."
"Now do you think I have it?" he said, as I set up my laptop.
"I think so"
"By what percentage are you sure?"
I answered about ninety six percent now that he was here, then came the questions:
"Can you tell me where it's from? What studio? Who made it?"
He didn't know. (After he'd signed faxed paperwork promising it wouldn't post it anywhere, it had shown up in his mailbox- one of the barmy sounding details that made people question his story.)
I put the dvd in my laptop. A plain menu popped up. A lone thumbnail image showed something I hadn't seen in over three decades.
"It's him!" I said, like a crazy kid. "It's really him!"
Then something else popped up. The low battery warning on my laptop. I looked around. There were absolutely no outlets. Would I be able to watch the cartoon before my battery died?
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Linda said...

Go ahead. Torture us.

Namowal said...

Sorry for dragging this out.
I was hoping to have written more by now (I certainly have more to tell!) but I'm still moored in overtimeland with my day job. This week in particular may be tough because a deadline is looming.
but I'll tell more when I get time, so keep checking.
And thanks for your patience.

Sally said...