Thursday, April 09, 2009

Cartoon Update

Still working on that blankety-blank cartoon in my spare time. My real job is encroaching into weekends and evenings, so I work on the 'toon on my lunch break.
It took me longer than I'd like to admit to get the purple guy to reach up and grab his horns. Early attempts looked like he was being electrocuted. A lot of the time I can get away with animating jointed symbols but here I had to redraw his wings/arms/hands for each frame to get the look I wanted.
Pictured above is a frame from that part.
I just realized, that, out of context, it'd be harder to find a blander, more clinched pose. Believe me, he doesn't spend most of the cartoon staring at the camera with his hands in the air.


Linda said...

Thanks for the update! (Doesn't sound like you have much spare time these days.)

stray said...

I like the image with the Flash tools, etc.

Linda said...

I meant to say: When I'm using Flash I tend to forget about frame-by-frame animation! I think taking the time to redraw his arms for each frame will add a lot of personality.