Saturday, December 27, 2008

Lap Forty!

Guess who turns forty today?
That came rather fast. I want a recount.
Then again, there were signs. Fine print becoming illegible... Seeing older pictures of me and thinking I look so young!... Co workers half my age...
My inner whiner says No fair! I'm past my "sell by" date!
My inner thinker says Shut up, ya big baby. Not everyone lives to forty. _____ didn't. ____ didn't. You lucky $%^&**!


Linda said...

Happy Birthday, Namo!!! What did you do on your birthday?

p.s. You're just a baby! Your best years lie ahead. I guarantee it.
... Except for the fact that you'll probably never receive another gift as good as Boa Con.

Sally said...

How was Las Vegas? Happy Birthday! You're so young!

GhostBuild said...

Happy Birthday Namowal!

BTW, if the lifespan enforcement guy catches up with you, just sign Buzzy's name on the citation instead. ;-D

walterworld said...

Happy Birthday---

I turned 40 on December 5 of this very year...Welcome to the club!!!

Hope you had a great day...

stray said...

Happy Birthday!!! Yes, you are VERY young!! The 40s are fun.

Namowal said...

Thanks Linda.
I spent most of my birthday at the airport in 'Vegas waiting for a flight home that kept delaying. Lucky for me there was a place to sit and lots of magazines to read.

Hi Sally, thanks for the "so young" comment. Vegas was fun. No super jackpots this time, but I didn't go home broke either. I've noticed the video slots are becoming more popular- they have animated symbols that dance around when they're lined up. Who ever thought animation would end up in the gaming industry?

Thanks, GhostBuild!
Glad you're still coming around these parts. How have you been? I need to visit S.L. more often.

Hi Walterworld,
Happy B-day to you too. I guess it makes sense that we're about the same age since we're both nostalgic about architecture that was common when we were kids but rare (or highly altered) today.
p.s. Funny remark about Buzzy!

Hi Stray,
Thanks for assuring me I'm still young. The 40's have been fun so far!

karen lise klein said...

happy belated. welcome to the club.

Namowal said...

Thanks, Karen,
The club is never boring! :)