Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Christmas Snake

When I was five, I couldn't understand why people didn't like snakes.
They came in different colors. They were funny. They could move without legs! What's not to like? Yet each time I asked for a "pet snake" I was told no.
Then Christmas came. I remember the odd, lumpy package and what was inside:
A plush toy snake! A big one! He was longer me! He was pink and wore a ribbon around his neck. A felt forked tongue stuck out at his mouth.
I was thrilled. I had no idea you could get a plush snake. I'd seen stuffed bears, ducks, bunnies and even elephants. I'd never seen a stuffed snake before. I loved him!
His name was Boa Constrictor, my parents said.
I slept with him each night like he was a teddy bear, making sure his tail was under the covers so he didn't get cold. I felt safer with him. Any ghost or monster would think twice once he saw Boa Constrictor guarding me!

Bonus pic:
After I drew the pictures I found a picture of me and my beloved boa.
Thanks, Mom & Dad! He was a hit!


Sally said...

Love this, and the payoff picture at the end!

stray said...

It's so cool they got you the snake.

Linda said...

This is a WONDERFUL Christmas story. I especially like the illo of you and snake in bed. And the photo!!! It really is a bonus pic--Thanks.

Namowal said...

Thanks, Sally, stray and Linda.
I wonder what crazy toy manufacturer came up with that thing? Did any other kids out there grant one teddy bear status?