Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Chicken of the Sea

"Chicken of the Sea" is this week's drawing board topic.
Below is the rough version (posted earlier). I wanted to add a ring buoy to the deck rails that said "R.M.S. McNugget" but I ran out of time.


Linda said...

Namo, are all these illos in Painter? Have you ever tried drawing in Photoshop? I am usually not one who likes textures, but I like the water and sky. It looks like the softest prisma color pencil. I wondered what it would look like if the whole thing were done that way--lines, deck planks, and all...

Namowal said...

Yes, Linda, they're painter illustrations.
Most of the coloring was done with a custom sumi-e brush I made (the variability of the hue, saturation and value increased).
The sea and sky were done differently. They started out as gradient layers. Then I made a greyscale texture layer and combined the two.
I've drawn in photoshop a few times. I'm biased towards Painter because I use it so much.

Sally said...

Because I miss our chickens a lot, these illustrations have made me sad. It has nothing to do with the pictures.