Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Appaloosa in the Sky with Diamonds

Click picture for larger image.

This week's Drawing Board topic is "Unicorns in Space".
Type "unicorn" into Google Image Search and you'll get white Arabians. I considered making mine a Clydesdale but settled for an Appaloosa. I thought I was clever. Later I typed "Unicorn Appaloosa" into Google. Someone beat me to it.
Speaking of lack of originality, my setting was ripped off inspired by panels from this Little Nemo
in Slumberland comic.
Can you believe this beauty is 103 years old?*
(click image for larger view)

*This was the first Little Nemo comic. I don't know if these were the actual colors used when it appeared in the paper, but I like how space is tinted green, red and blue.

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