Sunday, February 17, 2008

When I'm Sixty Four ( from Yellow Submarine)

Overtime at work has snatched the hours I normally devote to making Flash cartoons,*, but it's been awhile since I posted. When I can't post my own stuff, I post stuff that inspired me.
Here's an old clip from Yellow Submarine that I've liked since I was a kid. I remember watching it and thinking Wow, I want to make cartoons when I grow up!
My favorite part comes in the middle of the song, where whimsical numbers count to sixty four, to the beat of the music.

*I'm still making them, of course!


Linda said...

I love the numbers best, too!
It was funny watching this and seeing the top of the skip cycle in the post below skipping by.

*you better still be making them.

sal said...

uh oh getting closer all the time....
numbers are great!

Namowal said...

It never occurred to me to watch the skipping birds while the video played. Maybe I should stick clockfaces on their head for better integration? ;)
Is it just me, or do the years slip by about as fast as they do in the cartoon?

sal said...

Yes, faster than a speeding bullet!

Sally said...

interesting how this influenced early Sesame Street.

walterworld said...

I always found Yellow Submarine to be rather fascinating as a young child. Trippy stuff indeed...!

Sounds like you're super busy right now...Hope things slow down soon so you can catch your breath.

Take care!