Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Splash Screen

I have to be vague about what it's a splash screen for, except that it's something I did as a goof.
It's a Chinese Crested dog. They range in looks from cute to scary.
More on the scary dog here and here.

Note added 10/12/06
This page gets far more traffic than any of the others. My site counter says it's something to do with a Google image search, but I don't have the details.


GhostBuild said...

I've seen the pictures of Sam. I can't believe that there's no makeup or CGI involved!

Namowal said...

Sam looked like a zombie vampire mole rat, but his owner doted on him like he was a fluffy poodle. He lived like a king.

Mikayla said...

WOW - I was thinking about you the other day Olympia...I haven't seen you in SL in ages.

Anyway - I was checking your artwork and I have a CC hairless. I love this pic...although they generally have pretty bad teeth. :)


IM me sometime!

Namowal said...

Hi Mikayla,
Ironically I logged into Second Life last night (I've been away for some time) to delete a bunch of junk off my property. Virtual vandalism. I had other stuff to do so I was only online for a few minutes. I really should get back into SL more.
p.s. to any readers unfamiliar with Second Life- it's one of those online virtual worlds, and there I'm known as "Olympia Rebus".