Sunday, August 12, 2007

1988- My First Published Cartoon

The strip on top is mine. It ran in my college paper (The Highlander, U.C. Riverside). Not sure why I called the thing "Lost In America". There was a movie with the same title. I never saw it.
The cat was named Flick and his nemesis was the rodent creature, who was always driving him crazy with stupid questions. I was proud of it at the time but now it looks very crude to me.
I included the stip under it because it was done by another student, Steve Breen, who became a Pulitzer Prize winning editorial cartoonist.
As for me, I dabbled in cartoons on and off (mostly off) until I cooked up this blog.


GhostBuild said...

You should consider writing an ending to your "Lost in America" strip. Maybe even make it a crossover into the Martian strip! :-D

Namowal said...

Thanks for the comments, Ghostbuild. In retrospect most of my "Lost" characters (with the exception of these two) were too nice to provoke trouble (conflict = good storytelling)
I'm not sure what would happen if the Martians met Flick and the Rodent Creature. I suspect Flick would get the "something's up" vibe and avoid them. Rodent Creature would want to be friends but would get vaporized within days for being annoying. :)