Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Not Again!

My mom's back in the hospital. She and my dad were on vacation in Las Vegas when she had strokelike symptoms again. The last time this happened it turned out to be "only" a seizure and she was discharged the next day. She'd recently stopped taking her seizure meds because she didn't like the side effects. Whoops. My brother and dad and I talked and the plan is for me to wait until they know for sure what's going on.
I hate waiting.
The whole stroke ordeal was like a bomb going off. She was in remarkable good health last November until the stroke struck. Like a rug being pulled. Ever since I've been nervous about what the future holds. Even the calendar displays at the book store make me nervous. It reminds me that the future is coming. Who knows what it holds?

24 hours later update:
Yep, it seems to have been another seizure. The good news is she should recover within weeks, being much better within days (a stroke takes much longer and damage can be permanant.) The hospital sprung her and she's on her way back to Los Angeles.

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GhostBuild said...

Praying for your mom, Namowal. I hope things go well.