Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Fountian Crashers

I sunk fifty bucks into a fountain for my birdbath.

Splashing water attracts birds. Would this bring more visitors?

I installed it early one morning, before work. I returned home anxious to see what, if anything, had been enticed to the fountain. Would the bath be full of birds? Perhaps new species which had never swung by before? What awaited?

Here's what awaited.

It had been such a hit that the birds had splashed most of the water out. They knocked the fountain over, causing it to run dry. Running dry killed the motor.
They broke it.
Who knew something could work so well and so badly at the same time?


GhostBuild said...

I wonder if, rather than the birds, the one who did this was the one who planted the snail and spider in your mailbox!

Namowal said...

It's possible. Yesterday I found BIRDSEED in my mailbox, which is no where near the feeder. Go figure.