Monday, August 05, 2013

Slug Evolution.

Here's the original drawing I made for a spread in my (wanna be picture) book.  
At full size, it looks flat.
  I scrapped the lines and added some stylized shading and texture:
 Then I added slime:
The image  was one  I showed in my portfolio review.* The person doing the critique noticed  that the yellow slug had a  similar color value as the background grass.
Desaturate the image, and he's stealth slug!
 I played with the values, double checking the corrections in black and white:
 Here's how it looks now.  More changes to come, I'm sure.

*At the SCBWI 2013 Summer Conference.

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Uniblogger said...

Good idea. Looks better. And this gives you an idea of what's anead with book editors. They have to justify their jobs.