Sunday, August 22, 2010

Star Nosed Mole

An article I read described the star nosed mole as one of the least appealing creatures on the planet. I can see why. The wormy snout! The beady eyes! The claws!   It makes a vampire bat look cuddly.
As a challenge, I tried to design a character that was clearly a Star Nose Mole, yet wasn't nasty.
I came up with these two.

The one above lost some depth and energy when I added the inklines and color.
Compare it to the "pencil" layer.
If anyone knows what I'm doing wrong, please fill me in.
Just added- a quick copy of the original sketch (darkened) and painted, as Linda suggested.


Linda said...

"It makes a vampire bat look cuddly." (ha,ha)

I don't think you're doing anything wrong. The black line isn't as loose as your pencil line, which is REALLY beautiful. It might help to add eye-whites to the violet guy, because the expression in his eyes in the pencil sketch is so dramatic and that expression just doesn't come across when part of his eyes are violet.

I like how in the pencil sketch his body is one big swoosh.... in the violet piece, his stomach breaks that nice line. It's just likes how my stomach is, only mine is worse.

Sketches often have so much more energy and life than when we try to PERFECT things. Can you just use the sketch? Or add some color to the sketch? Make the blue line in the sketch black (if you want it black) and add some washy color (or flat color?) ??

Anonymous said...

I am just making a blog related to this. If you allow, I would like to use some of your content. And with full refernce of course. Thanks in advance.

- Andre

Namowal said...

Good points, Linda.
I made a colored version of the sketch (as you suggested) during lunch. I'll put it up later tonight.


Go for it! :)

stray said...

Looking good! I like the progression here. I'm dealing with some of the same issues, trying to scan sketches and add color digitally (keeping the line on top). Linda's a great art director, too!

Pile Girl said...

I think you did a wonderful job of making a cute, appealing star-nosed mole. Maybe we could all try it as a challenge?

Namowal said...

Thanks, Stray. I hope your project is going well. (and I'm lucky to have Linda to "rescue" me!)

Pile Girl,Thanks!
I would like to see other artists tackle the "cute star nosed mole challenge" That includes you!

Ramsay Lover said...

I really love this little critter. The star nosed mole is an amazingly fast eater.

Namowal said...

Hi Ramsay,
That star nosed mole goes through earthworms the way a kid goes through a pack of Twizzlers!