Monday, March 08, 2010


I need butterflies (or fireflies) for part of  my new flash cartoon.  Here's some practice ones I made.
Animating them was easy.  Getting them uploaded somewhere where I could "point" them to blogger was a nightmare (my old way isn't working).


stray said...

I love watching this.

Linda said...

Namo, this is gorgeous. That's the white outline you had suggested as a possibility for Mr. Hot Stuff, and it looks great here.

As far as problems getting this posted on Blogger, did you switch to the "updated editor"--do you think that's why your old way wasn't working?

Namowal said...

Thanks, Stray!

And thanks, Linda!
Yes, I decided to give the white outline a try,
There's an updated editor? How do I find it?
I've been posting flash movies with a clunky html code that links to a a storage page sponsored by Google. Recently they reconfigured the page. My old uploads are gone, and my new uploads don't work.
I got this one up using the html plus a new storage site... ...if there's an easier way, I'd be interested! :)

Sally said...

very nice!

Linda said...

If you'd like to update to the new editor, go to your blog and choose the "Settings" tab. At the bottom where it says "Global Settings" you will see "Select post editor." It will tell you whether or not you're using the old one & you can switch over to the new one if you'd like. (But it doesn't sound like this was your problem.)

Here's the code Sally gave me for posting Flash animations. Is it what you use? It sounds like you just need a stable place to upload your swf's to.

Linda said...

Oh that's hilarious: the code didn't show up . . . I'll email it to you.

Namowal said...

Thanks, Sally!
Yep, the problem is a good place to upload my swfs to. Google had a good place for awhile, but they reconfigured it to a new page that doesn't work.
I found another site for this one, but it's awkward and makes you click dozens of offers and gimicks before it lets you upload.
If anyone knows something better, please let me know.

Linda said...

You could set up your own website and use it for nothing more than a garage to post your swfs. (Until you're ready to use it for a public site).

Sally said...

try I think that's a really great resource and probably will work for your swf files. I got in early and use it for free, but there may be a low charge.

GhostBuild said...

Animation looks great Namo!

BTW, are you sure that you don't have a web page entitlement at your current ISP, included in the monthly price paid for bandwidth? They would likely allow you to name the location something like "namowal" so that you can preserve your anonymity.

booda baby said...

Where oh where oh where did they go?

Yah, I've tried every single way there is of storing swfs - had to go the own storage space route. Remember when Photobucket allowed it? Yay. Jeeze, that seems so long ago. Now, I'm going to go check on all the swfs I had at google pages. Eeek.

Namowal said...

Thanks for the tip, Sally.
I think I'll give Box a try.

Thanks, Ghostbuild.

Hi Boodababy,
Google pages certainly did a hatchet job on the google pages storage.
I'm actually rather surprised Blogger doesn't have a flash widget of its own. Go figure.