Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mr. Chicken

I created Mister Chicken as a joke.
It was 2001 and I shared an apartment with a vegetarian friend. He took it seriously, shunned leather, and even disliked Tofurkey (a turkey substitute made from tofu) because it "Tasted too much like flesh."
He surprised me one day by saying he'd gone out last night and eaten Hot Wings. Hot Wings! It was so out of character that I drew a chicken with hooks where his feet and wings should be. He glared out accusingly and said "I know what YOU did!"


GhostBuild said...

I love this idea... it's like an alternate, vegan-specific take on the "bloody hook hanging from the passenger-side car door handle" urban legend.


Linda said...

Namo, I keep opening this up and cracking up even tho it's tragic.

What I want to know is, what DID you do?

Namowal said...

Hi Linda,
I almost didn't post this on the chance that people would think I was having fun at the expense of amputees. I'm not.
There's something just cartoony silly about a Popeye-tough chicken with four Captain Hook limbs. Especially when he's giving a lapsed vegetarian the evil eye.
I put the original Mr. Chicken picture on the fridge as a goof. It was there a long time.

Sally said...

Please, need new post. When Elle was so ill, (and he's greatly improved) his feet curled just like this picture and it is so hard for me to look at it.

Namowal said...

Poor Elle!
I didn't mean to rub it in with Mr. Chicken. (If he were real he'd hunt down the slob care taker and and seek vengeance in the name of chickens everywhere)
Glad he's better.
I've been working on two shows and clocking insane overtime, Saturday and Sunday etc.. so I haven't had time to do do posts- and I have a long list of ones I want to do.