Friday, June 19, 2009

Put it in the cart!

Grocery shopping splits my personality in two. On one side is penny-pinching, nutrition conscious Practical Namowal. The other side is Devil Namowal, the perpetual kid.
If they talked out loud, they'd sound like this.

Devil Namo: Ice Cream! Chocoloate ice cream with caramel! Put it in the cart!

Practical Namo: Like hell we will. That's fattening.

Devil Namo: Deep Dish Frozen Pizza! Put it in the cart!

Practical Namo: Are you kidding? That's over 600 calories per serving! Do you want to fit in your clothes or not?

Devil Namo: Ooooh! Root Beer! "Hand Crafted" Root Beer with "full bodied rich and creamy flavor!" And it's diet! Put it in the cart!

Practical Namo: You now better than to fall for hype. Geez! Put that down.

Devil Namo: Look! Vita-Whiz Diet Energy Drink! Vita-Whiz Diet Energy Drink! Put it in the cart!

Practical Namo: Were you dropped on your head? That's overpriced soda!

Devil Namo: but it has vitamins!

Practical Namo: Yeah, so does most food. Don't be an idiot.

Devil Namo: but it's fun to drink! Put it in the cart!

Practical Namo: Okay, okay. You win. It's expensive and stupid, but it is fun.


stray said...

I have to stick to a list -- and not stray.

Dutch donut girl said...

Bwha ha ha! That happens to me all the time :) A list won't shut the devilish little voice up, though.

Namowal said...

Good point, stray.
It's amazing how often the "Wow! I want that!" mode is triggered at the store. Just as soon as I'm scolding myself for even considering item X, my inner idiot is enchanted with item Y.
I wonder how much of the dough they rake in comes from impulse items?

Namowal said...

Thanks for visiting, Dutch donut girl. (How did you find me?)
I'll have to check out your blog- anyone who has "donut" in their name can't be all bad! :)
p.s. Now my inner devil wants a donut...

Linda said...

What happens when you walk by Ben & Jerry's Coffee Toffee crunch ice cream?

And what about bar-b-q chicken California Pizza?

p.s. said...

the colors are great in your illo

Namowal said...

Ben & Jerry's (and high end pizza) is hard to walk by! Devil Namo goes berzerk.

Glad you liked the colors. I'd wanted to add more supermarket details (shelves, isles etc..) but couldn't figure out how to do it without being distracting.

Dutch donut girl said...

I was going to a dress up party but I didn't know what to wear. So I typed 'dress up' in google and I end up here :)

Sally said...

geez, this is a profile of my marriage. The self control I've developed re sugar is astounding.

Namowal said...

I hear ya about self-control Sally.

Whether or not I have any is a matter of opinion. Sure, I don't put cookies, crackers, ice cream, chips or donuts in the shopping cart...
...but mainly because I know that if they're in my kitchen I'll eat them!