Monday, July 02, 2007

The Martians VII

Click image for a larger view

It's tricky for me to make this stuff look balanced and eye-friendly using just black and white. It's gonna take practice to get it right.
I considered making the sky black in the final panel (it would look better that way) but didn't want to rip off "Krazy Kat".


GhostBuild said...

Nice touch with the carpet bag. At least he's traditional!

Was comparing the panels altogether to see the genesis of the characters. So males are flat-faced and females are beak-faced. Looks like his companion (wife?) is taking on earth customs already as she's now sporting some eyebrows, assuming to be drawn in using a makeup pencil. hmm... maybe not! In that first panel she's got eyebrows, no wig, and no black dress. Does flying a saucer require being naked perhaps? ;-)

GhostBuild said...

Er... not the first one, the second one. After the letter of complaint. Right. ^_^

Namowal said...

Thanks for the observations. I always like hearing someone else's "take" on my stuff.
It's true that the characters are still evolving and thus the continuity errors.
Actually the only female in the cast is Vespa, the one in the dress. She was a more androgynous when I first drew her.
Thycho is the flat-faced cocky, greedy carpetbagger.
The little birdlike one is named Pico (you'll see more of him later.)
Spandrel is the one with goggles and a dark wetsuit-like garment.
Thycho also has a pet named Meckie, but he's hasn't debuted yet. Keep an eye out for him.