Monday, October 30, 2006

Tail o' the Rubbernecker

I hate it when I'm stuck in traffic because everyone stops to look at whatever's blocked the traffic in the first place. Not that I don't look when it's my turn. I figure, hey, I've been in line for a long time here, there better be something to see.
Today it happened again. I waited and waited. A flashing firetruck loomed ahead, but I didn't see smoke or flames. When I got up to the firetruck, I saw men in yellow suits, but no wrecked cars, no smoke, no fires, not even a blown hydrant.
I took an extra second to scope the area. Then I smelled it. They were tending a gas leak. Since I just had to slow down and look, my heater had time to suck up enough of it to stink up my car. Whoops.
I drove away, hoping my car wouldn't explode.

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